Sunday, February 7, 2010
Submitted by: Philip, Martha and Aria Brice

The last time we were with Clint was at the European Methodist Festival in June, 2007. We had just accepted an invitation to serve the United Methodist Church of Slovakia for two years as Individual Volunteers. Clint was very encouraging to us in our new position, and made us feel as if were doing very important work for the church. We will never forget those days in Bratislava.

I send you [the Rabb family] my heartfelt gratitude for being unselfish with your husband, father or grandfather, and sharing him with the world. He served God in a wonderful way. His mission heart was as big as Texas.

May the God of peace and love abide with you through these very difficult days.
Submitted by: Trenton First United Methodist Church

Our congregation is saddened by the deaths of these two gentlemen from UMCOR. We believe they were truly representing us in Haiti, extending God's love through their work. In the grief and sorrow of this tragedy, please let their families know we are grateful for their care for others.
Friday, February 5, 2010
Submitted by: Rev. Marco Depestre, Secretary
The Methodist Church in Haiti

The Methodist Church in Haiti deeply mourns the passing of the Rev. Clinton Rabb, UMVIM Director, in New York.

In his capacity of Assistant General Secretary of the Mission Volunteer office in New York, the Rev. Clinton Rabb has supported the work of the various teams of volunteers that regularly come to Haiti and other parts of the world in order to further the work of God’s kingdom on earth. Rev. Rabb did so with competence, dedication, and love. And the Methodist Church in Haiti is very grateful for that.

Rev. Rabb came, himself, to Haiti this time in order to attend a two-day Roundtable Discussions between the Methodist Church in Haiti and its partners in the field of community development. Having landed in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, he came straight to join the meeting a little after mid-day. Later after this first day of meeting, he went along with his colleagues Rev. Sam Dixon & Rev. James Gulley from GBGM/UMCOR to Hotel Montana in order to pursue discussions related to providing good health care to the Haitian people with members of another NGO that works in the country. Unfortunately, upon arrival, while walking in the lobby on their way to the meeting, a strong earthquake struck Haiti, and Hotel Montana, like thousands of building in Haiti, collapsed. Two days later, he was rescued from the rubble of Montana Hotel along with Rev. Gulley, while Rev Sam Dixon had died on site. The Rev Rabb was to pass away later in a hospital in Miami.

Under such a circumstance, the Methodist Church in Haiti wishes to present its heartfelt sympathy to his dear wife, Rev. Suzanne Field-Rabb, and other members of the family especially the children, as well as to his colleagues at the GBGM headquarters in New York. He will be greatly missed by us and remembered for his sterling support to our work in Haiti. As we bid farewell to Rev. Rabb, we entrust him into the hands of Almighty God, the Father of mercy who loves him and has eternally provided for him in Jesus Christ and in whose house there are many dwelling places.

May Clinton’s soul rest in peace, and light perpetually shine upon him!
Submitted by: Joe & Pastor Shirley Edgerton, GBGM Long Term Volunteers
La Gonave, Haiti

It was an honor for us to be with Sam and Clint at the Roundtable meeting with the Haitain Methodist Church leaders on Januray 12th. There was excitement as EMH leaders addressed a new beginning and reestablishing relationships and partnerships. The second day for the meeting was spent in searching and suspense with the collapse of the Montana Hotel.

We pray the hope and excitement of the first day meeting will not dim, but be an exciting epatapth for two who worked many years to create such a moment in the Churches and Haiti's history. When our work was finished and we were leaving for home, Pastor Marco, asked us to share their grief and sorrow for such a loss with ours.
Submitted by: Larry Calderon Hurtado, Nicaragua

I had the opportunity in February of last year to meet Rev. Clinton Rabb in an annual UMVIM conference in Mexico. He was a amazing person and glad that I was working as an UMVIM Coordinator for Nicaragua. I feel hurt that both pastors died, but they are in an special place with the Lord--I am completely sure of that!!
Submitted by: Ester Daguio-Nasayao

My deep sympathy is addressed to the bereaved family of Brother Sam Dixon (who I met in Tagaytay City Philippines in July 2009) and to the UMCOR family. I saw him and heard him speak of his work with UMCOR, and I believe that he loves God to the uttermost. God has taken one of His beloved children and because of that, I rejoice with the angels in heaven. Our loss of Sam Dixon is a gain to the heavenly realm.
Submitted by: Pastora Nora Montenegro, Pastoral de la Mujer
Iglesia Pentecostal, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Desde Nicaragua nos solidarizamos con las familias de nuestros hermanos metodistas unidos, pastores Sam Dixon y Clint Rabb, quienes ya están en la presencia del Señor, después de haber cumplido con el ministerio que Dios les encomendó y haber bendecido a su pueblo a través de su arduo trabajo y servicio a la humanidad.

Ánimo! sigamos su ejemplo de servicio, ellos se adelantaron al camino que todos y todas vamos a recorrer, para recibir la corona.
Submitted by: Carolina Cerna
Iquique, Chile

Que tristeza. Esta tragedia nos ha tocado de diferentes formas en muchos rincones del mundo. Mis más sentidas condolencias a la familia de ambos reverendos y que Dios les acoja en su santo seño y consuele a todos sus seres queridos.
Submitted by: Kirsty Smith , Director
British Methodist Relief and Development Fund, London, UK

Please accept the deep sympathies of all the staff at the Methodist Relief and Development Fund in UK. We were shocked and saddened to hear of Sam Dixon's tragic death in Haiti and extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the UMCOR staff and family members at this time.
Monday, February 1, 2010
Submitted by: Linda Cusher, President
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, UMW

Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference United Methodist Women express our deepest sympathy to the families of Rev. Samuel Dixon, Jr. and Rev. Clinton Rabb. Thanks for their faithfulness and commitment to serve others. May God bring you comfort and peace.
Submitted by: Sonia Reid Strawn and Dwight J. Strawn, Korea

Dear Rev. Rabb and Family and Friends:

We are retired UMC missionaries who have been living here in Korea since 1967. Although we have never met, we feel close to you especially through the events of the past days which have been relayed to us by UMMA and other Volunteer-friends.

As you meet to worship and celebrate and give thanks for the life of your dear husband/father/mentor, please be assured of the thoughts and petitions of many friends from around the world, like us, who are praying for the special strength for you which comes through the everlasting arms of a loving God - for this difficult time and for the future.

Clinton Rabb has touched the lives of many, many of God's children as he brought them comfort, guidance, laughter and a brighter future.

"To live in hearts that love is not to die." We believe that he lives on in and through all of you.

May God bless and strengthen and keep you every day.

Submitted by: Violeta Talandis

Clint was one of the first GBGM executives to visit Lithuania when they started to rebuild The UMC there in the mid 90's. Then, I was working as a contractor funded by UMCOR, the process of which Sam Dixon had a direct influence on. Clint was always smiling and eager to face any difficulties with optimism and "can do". His visits were always uplifting, and I considered him a friend. They will be sorely missed.
Submitted by: Violeta Rocha A.

Queremos unirnos a nuestras muestras de solidaridad humana y cristiana por la muerte de los pastores: Rev. Sam Dixon, Executivo de UMCOR (emergency relief agency for the United Methodist Church) y el Rev. Clinton Rabb, Executivo los Voluntarios en Mision (grupos y individuals). Comprendemos que para GBGM es una gran perdida, y pensamos en sus familias que experimentan un dolor muy grande, al igual que sus iglesias.

Los hermanos ofrendaron sus vidas en el servicio al Reino, en un país como Haití, al que visité en Octubre para dar una semana de clases y compartir con ellos la comida, la Palabra y las esperanzas de tener estudiantes haitíanos en la UBL.

Parte de mi corazón quedó allá, pues es difícil no amar a su gente y considerar la esperanza del Reino como la posibilidad para un pueblo tan necesitado.

Nos unimos a la tristeza de la ausencia de estos hermanos, y reiteramos que el llamado misionero sigue siendo un desafío en medio de las adversidades, anunciando una cercanía de Dios a los seres humanos.

Un abrazo de hermandad y de resurrrección, para Ustedes en NY, para los familiares y las iglesias.
Submitted by: Bishop Eben K. Nhiwatiwa
Resident Bishop-Zimbabwe Episcopal Area

On behalf of the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area, let me express our word of sympathy to the family of Sam Dixon and to The United Methodist Church through the General Board of Global Ministries. Sam had become a friend and one who was always ready and willing to share and listen to suggestions. We have been robbed of a gallant servant of God. The Zimbabwe Episcopal Area has worked with Sam through the way he participated in imparting skills to our people in various settings. May his soul rest in peace. We are indeed cognizant of the many lives lost in Haiti and our prayers are with the families as well.
Submitted by: Rev. Rebecca T. Hyvonen and congregation
Venetian Bay United Methodist Church, New Smyrna Bch., FL

My heart aches for the families, friends and coworkers of Sam Dixon and Clint Rabb. May our lives further their work.
Submitted by: Randy Tolleson

What Clint Rabb taught me as he mentored our church on the Global Ministries Partner Church covenant with 1st Riga UMC, Latvia:

1. Start every planning meeting with a prayer and a brief devotional.
2. Give the Spirit room to move as you make plans.
3. It's essential to visit your partner church.
4. It's important to advance to the destination as a group, if possible.
5. Stay in the homes of the church members at the destination if you can. It's a completely different experience of understanding.
6. Remember that they are giving all that they have, and probably then some, to make you feel welcome.
7. Avoid before & after photos. Take photos of their beautiful smiles.
8. The sights and smells that may make us uncomfortable look and smell like life.
9. There are three phases in the covenant in sequence: 1) Everyone's overjoyed, 2) US Americans are crazy and, 3) a healthy covenant relationship. Be aware when you are in #1 and #2 so you can get to # 3 quickly.